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三国生活 (加拿大,马来西亚和澳洲) 的一年 - 鼠年(08)回顾 2008 Review - 自助旅行/美食博客,海外生活 Shirls 四海为家

三国生活的一年 - 鼠年(08)回顾 2008 Review

by shirls on February 3, 2009 · 7 comments in 加拿大多伦多生活,处处为家,家人朋友,情字一个,澳大利亚墨尔本生活,自助游记和提示,马来西亚吉隆坡生活

With Family & friends in Malaysia (Jan & Jun)

马来西亚家人朋友 (1月 和 6月)

Dear English readers, please scroll down for English translation.





Traveled with Ed in Malaysia (Feb)

和Ed在马旅游 (2月)

1月 – 大马




2月 – 大马




With friends in Australia ((Mar - May)

澳洲的朋友 (3月 - 5月)

3月 – 澳洲





吃我爱吃的eggs benedict早餐。

4月 – 澳洲




Lonely apartment in Australia (May)

寂寞的公寓 (澳洲)

5月 – 澳洲


6月 – 大马


Toronto (July - Dec)

多伦多 (7月 - 12月)

7 月 – 加国

回加国。见到Ed给他一个大拥抱 :“亲爱的,好久没见”。


8月 – 加国


Ed告诉我,我煲的汤和煮的东西已可以见人。Yay !


Toronto (2) (July - Dec)

多伦多 (7月 - 12月)

9月 – 加国


10月 – 加国


Gonna have fun in summer (Canada)

Hey 先生,来个胜利手势吧 ! (多伦多)

11月 – 加国



12月 – 加国




Toronto (3) (July - Dec)

多伦多 (7月 - 12月)

1月 – 加国


2009 牛年要做什么好呢 ? ……

With Family & friends in Malaysia (Jan & Jun)

With Family & friends in Malaysia (Jan & Jun)

I was very busy with exam during the New Year, did not get the chance to review my 2008 year. Exam is finally over and (Chinese) New Years came and gone, finally, I have the time to sit down, to reflect on my 2008 year. Looking back, it was indeed a great and interesting year.

For the past two years, I have been dividing my times between Malaysia, Australia and Canada, and last year was my most traveled and drifting year. I lived 3 months each in Malaysia and Australia, the rest of the six months in Canada.

Traveled with Ed in Malaysia (Feb)

Traveled with Ed in Malaysia (Feb)

Jan – Malaysia

Went back to Malaysia and be pampered like a princess at home by my lovely family.

Learned from my father and helped out in his shop.

Went to pasar often and fully enjoyed the famous delicious street food !

Feb – Malaysia

Ed visited Malaysia for the first time and met my parents for the first time.

We traveled in Singapore, KL, Penang, Malacca and Langkawi.

Ed headed back to Canada, while I went back to Australia.

With friends in Australia ((Mar - May)

With friends in Australia ((Mar - May)

Mar – Australia

Went back to work. Stayed with a good friend.

Hong Kong TV series was our favourite passtime together after work.

So happy to catch up with many good friends in Oz.

Drunk my favourite Italian coffee and Belgium hot chocolate;

ate my favourite eggs benedict breakfast.

Apr – Australia

Continued to work.

Moved into a huge 3 bedroom condominium, however,

you won’t believe I only lived with a folding bed and a chair in the condo.

No Internet. Read many novels.

Lonely apartment in Australia (May)

Lonely apartment

May – Australia

Same as April.

Jun – Malaysia

Went back to Malaysia.

Same as January.

Toronto (July - Dec)

Toronto (July - Dec)

Jul – Canada

Went back to Canada.

Gave Ed a big hug, ‘Darling, long time no see! ‘

Enjoyed my first summer in Canada.

Aug – Canada

Went to nearly all summer street festivals and events.

Surprisingly, Ed started to praise my cooking ! Yay!

Finally, I had been better with housework.

Toronto (2) (July - Dec)

Toronto (2) (July - Dec)

Sep – Canada

Let’s get married dear !

Oct – Canada

Started to feel bored and restless. So attended Tea Sommelier classes.

Gonna have fun in summer (Canada)

Hey dude, you gonna have fun in summer ! (Canada)

Nov – Canada

So cold !

Decided to sit for exam.

Dec – Canada

So cold !!

Studied unbelievably hard for the exam.

Happy Christmas and New Year !

Jan – Canada

Exam is over, new years came and gone.

What am I going to do in 2009 ? …..

Toronto (3) (July - Dec)

Toronto (3) (July - Dec)

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