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多伦多美食生活和游记 – 美味之旅 A ‘Tasty’ Trip - 自助旅行/美食博客,海外生活 Shirls 四海为家

美味之旅 A ‘Tasty’ Trip

by shirls on October 4, 2008 · 5 comments in 加拿大多伦多生活,加拿大自助游记,吃在四海,吃在多伦多,自助游记和提示

几个星期前,我提到和DM夫妇到Sandbank 省公园露营。Sankbank 座落在Prince Edward County (爱德华王子县), 离多伦多市约两个半小时车程。

上个周末,我们和DM夫妇又到爱德华王子县一趟。这次是为了一个叫Taste! 的Food and Wine Show (美食加美酒展)。


Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

我们不敢怠慢,马上去Buddha Dog的大篷车前排队(如图)。Buddha Dog是个卖‘高级‘热狗的小餐厅 (不像多伦多街边的热狗)。他们要将爱德华王子县内最好的一面呈现给顾客。所以,做热狗用的所有材料都是县内最好的。这次,他们为人们带来了用火鸡肉做的热狗。用火鸡肉是要像征感恩节,因为上几届的Taste! 都是在感恩节周末举办,今年除外。



DM夫妇是‘好食‘之人,也是美食专家。我就是从他们身上慢慢学会吃出食物配对酒时的不同。(参阅法国大餐)。所以,在这个难得学习的机会中,我当然每吃一种食物都坚持要有相配的酒。哈哈! 还好,每杯酒的份量都不多,我没喝醉 😉

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

接着,我们吃了个加拿大魁北克特有的法国小吃 – Poutine。其他国家是吃不到的。最普通的作法是,炸马铃薯条配上颗粒型干酪和肉汁。而在Taste! 上,多伦多著名的厨师,Jamie Kennedy, 竟配上了糜鹿肉!效果是好好吃!


Elk 糜鹿

Elk 糜鹿


A few weeks ago, I mentioned our camping trip in Sandbank Provincial Park. Sandbank located in Prince Edward County, about 2.5 hours drive from Toronto.

Last weekend, we went to Prince Edward County again, but for a completely different reason – for Taste!, a food and wine show, to celebrate the regional cuisine.

Many of the local restaurants, chefs, farmers and wineries participated this event. Though the weather of that day was cool and gloomy, surprisingly, it did not stop people from coming for this event. When we arrived at 11ish, there were already many people and most booths had a long line up.

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Buddha Dog Caravan (Buddha Dog 的大篷车)

Without any delay, we first ‘attacked’ the Buddha Dog caravan. Buddha Dog is a small boutique restaurant in Prince Edward County that sells gourmet hotdog (of course, not the street hotdog I mentioned before). AIm to feature the best of Prince Edward County, Buddha Dog sources the best of everything (bun, meat, cheese, vegetables etc) within the region itself. And this time, they brought us the Thanksgiving Turkey Dog. Traditionally, Taste! was held during the Thanksgiving weekend, but this year is an exception, hence the turkey.

With the lovely mini dog in our mouths, paired with the recommended County Cider, I had the best hotdog I ever had in my life, so far 🙂

I guess, most of you familar with fine cuisine, are aware of the act of food pairing with wine, to bring out the best tastes of both food and wine. In this event, of course, there is a suggestion of a pairing wine for each dish, aim to take us to the ‘highest state’ of tasting.

As for me, an Asian, who did not know about this art till I met DM and LM, who are serious foodies. Learning from them, and slowly, I think I can notice the slight differences in taste when food pairs with a right wine. Hence, for learning purpose, during this event, I insisted to drink the right wine for every dish I tried. Haahaa….don’t worry, I was not drunk because each glass of wine was only of little amount.

From Buddha Dog, we moved on to other booths, as followed :

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

Elk Goulash Poutine with 5 year old Black River Cider

This is a special French dish originated from Quebec. You can’t find it anywhere in the world except Canada. We called it ‘poutine‘ here. In fact, it is a simple dish, a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients. Jamie Kennedy, one of the most famous chefs in Toronto, had prensented us a poutine with Elk Goulash ! The result was fantastic !

Elk 糜鹿

Elk 糜鹿

Well, this is my first time to taste elk meat! I was shock to realise later what is elk ;) See the picture.

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