Bonjour !

Bonjour ! (你好 )

昨晚,我去上了我第一堂的法文课 ! 🙂

好艰难哟! 🙁

课开始了十分钟后,我已下定决心 : “我不要学法文了!”



如:Trois , 应念成 trwah 。




老师要我念时,我就对老师傻笑,或大力地摇头, 或皱眉头,或一副 ‘算了,反正我不会继续学下去’的讨厌样子。

我真的是一个很差劲的学生 !

唉! 都是我不好。贪玩,自以为是又不知量力。


总之,不是法文。 我也早听说过它的艰难。










我找到了一个学最基本的法文的网址 (。

看来,这是第一步 : 学好发音。


迟些再看吧。先祝我好运好了。 Merci (谢谢)!

Bonjour !

I went to my first French class last night ! So difficult ! 🙁

Within the first 10 minutes of the class, I already made up my mind to give up learning French. One of the main reasons, of course, is the difficulty in French pronunciation. There are many words I can’t see the relation between the pronunciation and its spelling. For example, Trois, is pronounced as trwah . There are also many words you have to pronounce in such a way that you combine two words together. They called it Liaison . According to , it is defined as ‘a speech-sound redistribution, in which an otherwise silent final consonant is articulated as the initial sound of a following syllable that begins with a vowel or with a silent h, as the z- and n-sounds in Je suis un homme ‘. Hmm…….do you understand ? It does not matter, anyway, the conclusion is I am giving up 😉

Once in a while, I may pronounce some words correctly. Thanks to many French films I had watched. Other than that, most of the times, I can only stare at the words with a complete blankness in my mind. When the teacher asks me to read the words out, I can only smile and shake my head animatedly, or I frown, or I show a face that tells her that : ‘I don’t care, I won’t want to continue anyway’. I feel shameful that I am such a bad student.

Well, it is my mistake and my fault. I was all too curious and over-confident. I never wanted to learn French anyway. The foreign language I wants to learn is either Japanese, Spanish or Italian. French is never in my mind and I have heard how hard it is long before.

Initially, I thought, since both English and French are the national languages of Canada, learning French would be helpful in my application for Permanent Residency of Canada. I was also inspired by my recent trip to Montreal. I got excited when I heard people speaking in French everywhere. I guess, it was because I never been to Europe and I got excited by little things. Anyway, it was then I started to consider learning French.

Now, I have to bear my own decision and responsibility. I guess, it is ok. Although I am an inpatient person, I like challenges. The more difficult it is, the more I want to win over it. So, I came home last night, found a website that teach the most basic French ( ). I think, this is a good starting point : at least, aiming to pronounce correctly. At this stage, I don’t dare to or not even have any desire or ambition to want to be able to communicate in French one day. Let’s see and wish me luck 🙂 Merci !





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