The ‘G’ Party

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上个星期六,穿上租来的阿拉丁神灯女郎的衣服,去赴一个名为 The ‘G’ Party的生日派对。名为The ‘G’ Party是因为生日的朋友的名字是Grace。她要出席者穿上第一个字母为G的人或物。例如:gingerbread man, gorilla, 等等都可,不过不可以是 girl, gentleman 等没创意的。

这可把我搞得头疼了好几天。和一些朋友讨论过后,最后决定做阿拉丁神灯女郎, 英文名为genie 🙂 这算是我的第一个服装(costume)或主题(theme)派对。蛮好玩的。 派对上,有gangster, gordilocks, gynocologist, gardener, George Bush 等等。可是,我觉得自己好像很难看,所以不便将相片贴在此献丑 😉



现在,因为这个G Party,我突然变得幻想力丰富。我开始幻想我的35 岁和40 岁的生日派对。

我要的35岁生日派对的主题是以60年代的上海为背景。我希望女性出席者都穿上旗袍,男性穿上西装,就如我喜爱的电影 《花样年华》一样。最好在一间有60年代上海味道的餐厅举行。餐厅内有以往流行的花样设计的墙纸。吃60 年代上海的食物,播60年代的音乐。


哈哈! 一定很好玩! Ed说,我要怎样搞就怎样搞,可是我不可以逼他穿上古怪服装 😉

Last Saturday, I went to a ‘G’ Party. I was named as ‘G’ Party because the birthday girl’s name is Grace. She wanted all the participants dressed up as someone or something that beginning with the letter ‘G. You could be gingerbread man, gorilla etc, but you could not be a girl, gentleman or anything that lack creativity.

It was my first costume or theme party, though excited but I had the biggest headache. After many discussions with friends, I thought genie was a good idea. I went so far as to hiring costume for this party, it was worth as this being my first costume party. However, I think I did not look too good, so I have decided not to upload the photo for this post 😉 Anyway, we had so much fun and there were gardener, gynocologist, gangster, goldilocks present at the party.

This sort of theme or costume parties are quite popular in Australia. I was once invited to a Bollywood theme party. I was very excited initially because I finally had the chance to wear the sari I bought in Nepal. However, the venue of the party was very far from where I lived and it was raining heavilly then, I could not make it to the party.

A friend once told me, she went to a Medieval theme birthday party which told place in a castle hired by the birthday man’s wife. The wife also wrote a script of a mystery in the castle and each participant had a role to play and had their own dialogues. She said she felt the shivers when she was talking about it. Though lots of effort were put it, the memories were still very vivid.

Inspired by this ‘G” party, I suddenly become very creative and am starting to plan for my 35th and 40th birthday parties.

I want the theme of my 35th birthday party is 1960s Shanghai as the background. I wish all female participants would wear cheongsam, and the men would wear suits. Just like one of my favourite movies – In the Mood for Love . I would love to have the party take place in a restaurant that has the 1960s Shanghai setting, for example, the flowery colourful wall paper, and serve 1960s Shanghainese dishes. Musics from 1960s Shanghai as background music would add to the atmosphere.

I want the theme of my 40th birthday party is Bollywood too. I wish all participants turn up with Indian wears. We would use our hands to eat Indian curries on the floor, dance the festive Indian dances with Indian music.

Ha ha !! It would be so much fun ! Ed said, I can do anything I like but he refuses to dress up 😉






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