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  • Bonton – 兰卡威 (Langkawi) 最个性boutique resort

    有一些地方,你一走进去,就可感受到是主人把他们的梦想圆满地,又完美地实现。你像进入了一个梦境,而你有幸成了梦园中愉快的一份子。 Bonton, 这家在马来西亚岛屿兰卡威(Langkawi Island)内的boutique resort,就给了我这种感觉…. 今天想向大家介绍一家独特和别致的boutique resort – Bonton。 话说,去年年初,Ed来马来西亚见我父母。我俩就乘机游一游大马。通常,我和Ed旅行,都不主张花太多钱在太贵的酒店上….

  • The Day After Valentine’s Day

    “How much to stay at an old rickety house with no beach front” I exclaim, “are you sure it’s worth it?” Well the day after Valentine’s Day, we decided to treat ourselves and stay at an upscale resort called the Bon Ton. We could only get one night booking and have to re-arrange our schedule…