Festivals for Everything ! (Part 2)

Outdoor Art Festival at Nathan Phillips Square
Outdoor Art Festival at Nathan Phillips Square

[continued from Festival for Everything ! (Part 1)]

除了以上提到的,还有很多很多,如Carabina Festival 啦,南亚节庆啦,户外艺术品节 (上图), Hot and Spicy Festival , 手工艺品节, 台湾美食节,沙滩爵士音乐节, 应有尽有。

竟然还有街头表演者的街头节庆,有些街头艺术者还山长水远地从英国,澳洲, 日本等国来表演。我在那溜了整天,看惊险的杂耍,看小丑讲笑,喝咖啡,听拉活音乐…..又刺激又写意。

Apart from what I mentioned above, there are also Carabian Festival, South Asia Festival, Outdoor Art Festival,HOt and Spicy Festival, Art and Craft Festival, Taiwan Festival, The Beach Jazz Festival….you name it, you get it.

I was excited to know there is also a street festival for street performers/buskers, it is called BuskerFest here. Some of performers came all the way UK, Australia, Japan etc. I spent a full day there, laughed at the jokes from street comedians, watched jaw-dropping fire juggling, listened to live music, sipped my afternoon cup of coffee….both thrilling and relaxing…

BuskerFest Toronto
BuskerFest Toronto

其实,Street Festivals 去多了,发现有很多档口 (如玉蜀粟档等)都是一样的,开始有点闷了。但是,还是很喜欢那种热闹,那种阳光的欢乐。当然嘛,现在不尽情享受,冬天来时,唯一的活动可能只有呆在家里看窗外的飘雪了。那时,可能会后悔莫及。


Well, after having been to a few street festivals, I noticed some generic food stalls (eg sweet corns, roast yam etc)  are the all the same, they just travel around to different street festivals. Though getting a little bored with the same food stalls, I still love the energy, the sunshine and exhilaration of street festivals. Summer will be over soon, if I don’t grab every opportunity to enjoy now, I will surely regret when I am stuck at home and looking at the falling snows from the window.

At the begining, I always like to compare Melbourne and Toronto. I love and miss Melbourne, miss Melbourne for its buzz and multi-cultural festivals and jam-packed events almost all year around. After experiencing summer here, I think I am slowly falling in love with Toronto too…..


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