Festivals for Everything !! (Part 1)

the cooks and their food at Salsa Street Festival
the cooks and their food at Salsa Street Festival

夏天在加拿大是很‘珍贵‘的季节。一年才这三,四个月的阳光,所以,这里的人争取所有机会享受阳光,找尽所有藉口来庆祝。 夏季的每个周末,都有数不完的节目。最普遍的是街头美食节。


如我家附近曾是意大利人聚住的地方,所以这里有个意大利街头美食节。不过,这十多年来,很多意大利人已渐渐搬去其他地区。反而,多了很多加勒比海人和拉丁美洲人。所以,这里在三,四年前开始举办Salsa Street Festival。

Summer is precious here in Canada. Well, it is not hard to understand that, it is the only 3-4 months sunny days Canadians will have for the whole year. Canadians will take every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, and will make every excuses to go under the sun.  Nearly every weekend is jam-packed with many festivals, shows and activities. One of the most popular events in Toronto is street festivals.

Canada is a multicultural country. It is common that some particular ethic groups live in particular areas, like the Chinatown, Little India etc. Hence, the street festival for a particular culture will most likely be held in that area.

For example, I live near St Clair West subway, and this area used to have large number of Italians, hence there is an Italian Street Festival here, although most Italians are slowly moving out of this area. Interestingly, during the last decade or so, many Spanish Caribbeans or Latin Americans have moved into this area. Therefore, it is not surprised that a Salsa Street Festival has started here, about 3-4 years ago.

music, dance & kids at Salsa Street Festival
music, dance & kids at Salsa Street Festival

我当然两个都有去,在家附经嘛。我特别爱街头美食节,有好吃的,又可以对某种族多了解。幸运的话,还有免费音乐听。我最喜欢Salsa Festival, 因为很喜欢Salsa 音乐,也欣赏他们豪爽的性格。

我朋友也带我去中东街头美食节。虽小,倒蛮特别的。我最高兴的是找到Murtabak先生 ! 感觉很情切,可是他们忙,不好意思上前打招呼。

I went to both, of course, since these two street festivals only no more than 15 minutes walk from my home. I love street festivals ! Food, musics, dances, and give me the chance to get to know the culture a little more. Why not? Out of all the street festivals I have been to, I like Salsa Street Festival the most. Maybe because I like their musics, and like their passionate attitude towards life.

My friends also introduced me to Middle Eastern Street Festival. Though it was a smaller festival, I quite liked it too. The highlight of that day was I found the Murtabak stall ! They were busy, otherwise, I would have gone up to tell them how I miss their murtabak and had been looking for them at other festivals.

(to be continued..)

以下是在Salsa Street Festival 拍的,看小孩们跳得多快活。(拍得很糟糕, 别见怪。)

Leave you with a dance clip at Salsa Street Festival. My apology for the poor quality.


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