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多伦多Pride Parade – 爱我们的同性恋子女 Love Our Homosexual Sons and Daughters - 自助旅行/美食博客,海外生活 Shirls 四海为家

爱我们的同性恋子女 Love Our Homosexual Sons and Daughters

by shirls on July 21, 2008 · 0 comments in 加拿大多伦多生活,大节大日,有感而发

Pride Parade 08

Pride Parade 08

要写Pride 游行很久了。但Ed很自豪他为这部落拍的照片。硬要自己来整理,不让我这个闲空小姐来做。他说,我的水准没他的好。我等啊等的, 等到花儿也谢了,都见不到他‘专业水准’的照片。唉!男人靠不得。还是我自己先贴上一张让大家赏赏吧。


Pride 是多伦多一年一度同性恋者的游行。我去年错失了,今年当然没‘走宝’。暂不多说当天的游行。先说一说这张照片。

那天,当同性恋者的父母的团体游行到我们面前时,我很被这团体做的字牌感动。人多,他们也走得快。我其实没法每个牌子看个清。记得看到英文的’ We choose to be a family’ 和Ed拍到的这张。

“我们爱我们的同性恋子女,没有任何附带条件”…..写得多好, 写得多贴切。写得出,我想必定亲身经历过。





I wanted to write about Pride Parade for a long time. What stopping me was the long wait of the ‘supposedly better edited’ photos from Ed. Well, Ed thought he had taken very good photos at Pride, and insisted he himself would do the editing, because he is more professional. So, I waited and waited, nothing has been done. No longer has the patience, let me first share with you all the above photo.

Pride Parade is an annual gay and lesbian parade in Toronto. I don’t want to write the details of Pride Parade today but to share some thoughts on the photo above.

Ed took this photo when the association of parents of gay and lesbian marching past us, each of them holding a sign. Due to the crowd and they were walking quite fast, I could not get the chance to read every single sign properly. Nonetheless, the two signs I read and remembered made me ponder all day. One was ‘we choose to be a family’ and another was the above.

The above said : we love our sons and daughters who are gays and lesbians, unconditionally. So true, and so striking.

In this more open-minded country Canada, the parents have also gone through such stage where they can’t accept their children being homosexual. Even when they accept eventually, just like what the board said, there might be cases of the parents give the children terms and conditions to follow.This make me think of the gays and lesbians in Asia. Being a much more conservative region, the gays and lesbians there have a longer and tougher road ahead.

I have many Asian friends who are gays and lesbians too. For those who live in Asia, they won’t dare to tell the parents about it and just trying to hide as long as they could. I don’t know what to say when they tell me that. I was also told that, some homosexual friends who eventually ‘forced’ to marry to opposite sex. Well, they have no choice in a way. For those who live in western countries, they chose not to return, because they know too well that they won’t be accepted by the society.

On that day, after the Pride Parade, Ed and I went to a party at a gay couple’s home. They are a middle aged couple. They have been together for more than 10 years, still happily together, they proud of each other, never hide, never worry about others’ opinions. They build a good life together, both have very good careers and have a beautiful apartment, they have very wonderful and caring friends and family.

At the party, looking at them, in my heart, I pray for my friends in Asia, hoping that they could also live such a life, free and happy together….

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