A totally BALANCE life

Oh my buddha !! I just love the following comment from Jasin :

‘Hey, your lifestyle is so special :
“Single” life for 6 mths….Couple life for 6 mths.
Working for 6 mths….Break for 6 mths.
Busy without life for 6 mths…..Carry out luxury life doing things of interest, enrichment for latter 6 months
bit extreme and funny is : Living at South of earth for 6 mths ……living at North of the earth for next 6 mths…
A BALANCE , healthy and unique life you have !’

What do you think? 🙂

And my reply to him is

Hey Jasin,
I love how you described my life !!!
Haha..I never thought of it that way.
True as you said about the extreme…heehee…
Love what you said about the balance and healthy )
Yup, I love my life for exactly what it is !!
Thanks for visiting and please come again )
Very happy to know you )






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