The Day After Valentine’s Day

Panaromic of Bon Ton

“How much to stay at an old rickety house with no beach front” I exclaim, “are you sure it’s worth it?”

Well the day after Valentine’s Day, we decided to treat ourselves and stay at an upscale resort called the Bon Ton. We could only get one night booking and have to re-arrange our schedule to fit it in. However, after many days looking longingly into fancy resorts while staying in “budget” accommodations, we were pretty sure of our decision and was eagerly anticipating some luxury of our own.

The resort consists of only seven traditional Malay houses, found all over Malaysia and transported to the site and restored. Traditional on the outside and contemporary on the inside, the rooms has an outdoor bathroom with a cedar bathtub, a shower that drains through the deck, and a toilet with an uninterrupted view of the night sky. While we thought that the place might be full of suits and blue hair, it turned out to be friendly and homely with young couples and families. The owner is Australian and has a home for stray cats adjacent to the property. These cats also has the run of the place and are fed and cared for by the staff, who also went to great extent to make the sure the guests are happy and feel at home. The resort has an excellent fusion restaurant with some of the best food we had in Malaysia, or anywhere for that matter. During our stay, they were in the midst of an expansion with similar theme but would more than double their capacity for guests, and quite possibly for cats also.


The blue house to the left, named the Blue Ginger, is the one we stayed in. It is the smallest and least expensive. The dinner above is a Baba Nonya sampler consisting of seven dishes served on a banana leaf.

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