Langkawi or Pangkor ?

最近都在烦一件事 – 为Ed编排马来西亚的旅程。










剩下的选择只有Langkawi 和 Pangkor岛了。


有者说Langkawi 已太商业化了,有者说Pangkor的沙滩有时蛮肮脏的。

不知你们是否去过? 意见又如何?

我们不在乎很好的resort或多样化的水上活动, 反正也不想花太多钱。


如必选一个,不知你们会选哪个岛, Langkawi 或Pangkor?

你们曾在二月去过东海岸岛屿吗? 如有,想听听你们的经验。

For the past few days, I was busy with planning a trip for Ed in my home country. Ed is coming here in Feb and this will be his first time in Malaysia.

As a Malaysian, unfortunately, I did not have much travel experiences in Malaysia. I left the country more than 10 years ago, never get the chance to travel in my own country. I have not been to most tourist attractions. Even if I had, that could possibly be more than 10 years ago.

Fortunately, one thing I know, is to take Ed to Melaka and Penang. Also, to one of the famous tropical islands. I know the east coast islands are more beautiful than the west coast. However, February is still considered Moonsoon period, it is not recommended to go to east coast.

Hence, the only choices we have are Langkawi and Pangkor Island. Unfortunately, I can’t make up my mind because I have read and heard some mixed reviews. Some said Langkawi is getting too commercial nowadays, some said Pangkor beach can be dirty at times.

Have you been to either of them? What do you think?

In fact, we don’t care about the five stars hotels, and we don’t want to spend a fortune on it anyway. We are not water sport fans either. All we hope for, is to be able to relax and read on the beautiful and quiet white sand beaches.

If you have to choose one, which would you go – Langkawi or Pangkor?

Have you been to east coast during Feb? If you did, what was your experiences there in Feb?


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