One of A Kind

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两星期前去One of A Kind Show逛。










我也买了两个‘妖怪’公仔给弟妹 (右图,上图是它们的一家大小:) )。







I went to shop at the One of A Kind Show two weeks ago.

It is a craft show prior to Christmas for artists or craftspeople to share and sell their (mostly) handmade gifts.

It is quite popular because people are able to get many of their Christmas shopping done there.

In countries like USA, Canada, Europe or Australia, people tend to spend thousands of dollars alone in Christmas gifts.

This show meets such need and market.

It was quite large and showcased some interesting, unique, cute or funky gifts ideas.

Though I don’t normally buy or collect crafts, I still love to look at them.

I window-shopped from one booth to another slowly, enjoying my own creativity been stimulated by other people’s work.

Thankfully, Ed was quite patient that day.

I had to admit, there were so many items I would like to buy and keep one for myself but I tried very hard to resist.

We ended up with only three items – one glass vase for a good friend as Christmas present, and two ‘monster’ soft toys for my brother and sister in Malaysia (picture on the right, and the large picture above is the full collections of the monster toys).

I was so tempted to buy the monster toy for myself but I decided not to for this time because I already have quite a few similar monster toys at home.

Ed wanted to buy a jewelry for me as my Christmas present. But I got a headache from not able to make up my mind which to buy because there were too many choices. So, I decided to skip it.

I saw a very cute winter hat (picture on right) but I am going back to Malaysia soon. So, I won’t have many chances to use and I skipped it too.

I was surprised how rational I was at the show. Well, I am happy that I did not end up spending too much money because I know I will regret when I look at the credit card statement.






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