有害水瓶 Unsafe Water Bottle

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今天看报看到加拿大大型的户外用品商家 Mountain Co-op 决定停止售卖所有polycarbonate塑胶做的盛皿器。当然,也包括那非常流行耀眼的Nalgene 水瓶。这是因为,一些最近新的科学研究成果认为塑胶内的一种化学成分,bisphenol A, 对人体有害。这 把我吓一跳,因为我是这种水瓶的忠实用者。

其实,很久以前已知道塑胶的害处。所以,我都会丢掉任何塑胶商品,绝不收起来用来装其他食物。或我会拒食任何装在塑胶内的烫热食物。我也决不会用塑胶盛皿放进微波炉内。 可是,倒是对Nalgene的水瓶情有独钟,因为还以为它是安全的,它是用不同於普通见的汽水瓶等的塑胶。怎知,防不胜防。

我和Ed都有几个这种水瓶。我出外露营,工作上课,天天带着。我以前有个粉红色的(如图),和我影形不离,药剂行的同事都叫我Pink Pharmacist了。Ed以前说可以装热水,我就放心装。现在,不知我吞食了多少化学物。虽然,以上研究有争议,因为有些研究说无害。真是不知相信谁好。但既然Mountain Co-op这个大型公司情愿放弃大笔收入,做出这种决定。我想,我还是将我心爱的水瓶打进冷宫较安全。

现代人的生活虽较有钱有闲, 可也真不容易。生活上的每一细节都有无数的化学品。我们可能要改食有机食物了,可是洗头水啦,肥皂啦,清洁剂啦,墙上的漆啦,街上的空气啦…..什么都有有害的化学品。真是防不胜防,避不可避。那些口口声声说是安全的物品,可能几年后又会被证实有害。真是没办法。我们苦苦挣钱,花一大笔钱消费,再花一大笔钱医自己。最终,无良厂家商家最划算, 医生药厂代代平安。


Ps: 有兴趣者,可以点击这里读此新闻。 以下是几个月前ABC电视台的新闻。

It gave me a shock when I found out in newspapers that Canada’s largest outdoor retailer decided to stop selling most of the bottles and containers made of polycarbonate plastic. This is prompted by the recent studies showing that the chemical inside, bisphenol A, can lead to several illnesses. Unfortunately, I am a big fan of the funky, colourful Nalgene water bottles which is one of the products made of polycarbonate plastic.

Since long time ago, I was already quite aware of the possible harmful effect of plastic. I would throw all the plastic containers and never keep them for any further use. I would refuse to eat any hot food or beverages in plastic containers. And, of course, I never use or avoid to my best ability to use plastic containers in microwave. However, I thought Nalgene bottle is an exception, which use safer plastic than other products. Obviously, I was too naive.

Ed and I love these bottles and we have a few at home. I take them to everywhere, to camp, to work, to university etc. I used it so often that, my pharmacy colleages teased me as a ‘Pink Pharmacist’ because I used to have pink coloured Nalgene water bottle. Ed used to tell me, they were safe for hot water. I believed and ‘happily’ did so. Now, I wonder how much chemicals I had swallowed. Although the above studies are conflicting with some other studies showed results otherwise, making some consumers confused with what to do. I guess, if the big company like Mountain Co-op made such big decision and effort to withdraw them from their stores, I better stop using my favourite water bottles. It is better safe than sorry.

Modern lifestyle is not easy. As much as we have more money and more leisure than the previous generation, however, we are surrounded by these tons and tons of chemical. We may have decided to change our diet to organic, yet our shampoos, our soaps, our cleaning agents, the paint we used on walls, the air……and everything are full of harmful chemicals. How can we possibly avoid them ? Plenty of products when they were released, they were claimed how safe they were. We only found out a few years later that they were no difference to others. We, the consumers, work day in and day out to earn a living. We then spend those money trying to live a better life, but we end up with spending even more money for our health. At the end of the day, the business people, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are the final winners.

Well, I guess, we can’t worry about everything in our daily life. Best is to be a wise and informed consumers, try our best to avoid what can be harmful. For those that are not avoidable or maybe have not been proven are harmful yet, there are not too much we can do. We live our lives to the fullest, and don’t worry things we can’t control yet. And, of course, let us all hope the business world can place dignity and humanity more than the money…..

Ps: for those who is interested to read the news, please click here. The above video is from ABC news a few months ago.



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