A Cool Night in Montreal

这次去蒙特利尔一张照片都没拍到。反正为了见朋友,专心聊天就是了。加上,我也不懂怎么在这种又暗又湿的景象拍出好东西。我的朋友是摄影高手, 我也不好意思在高手面前献丑。

怎知,回到多伦多,才后悔没拍到秋末寒冷的蒙特利尔。所以,唯有向Daniel要了张照片留念。他好厉害!拍得真的好漂亮。在此与大家分享。谢谢了,Daniel !

拍这张照片时, 天空中已飘着雪片…..街上一片冷清….

It was rare to catch up with a friend, let alone someone from Australia. We met up in Montreal. It was very wet and dark while we were there. I knew I was not capable of take any good photos in such conditions. In addition, my friend, Daniel is a keen photographer and I knew I feel embarrassed to take photos in front of an “expert” 😉

When I returned to Toronto, I regretted that decision. No matter how poor the quality would be, I should have  a photo of Montreal in late autumn/early winter. I asked Daniel to send me one of his photos. The photo is so quite well taken and rather beautiful (see above)! Thank you Dan!

P.S. It was already snowing when the picture was taken.


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