Merry Christmas !! 圣诞快乐!!

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Merry Christmas ! Merry Christmas ! Merry Christmas !














我们刚好在Sick Children Hospital 前看。





散开的人们心中一定欣喜, 小孩们心中一定更渴望圣诞快快到来。

Merry Christmas ! Merry Christmas ! Merry Christmas !

People on streets were all feeling festive. Children were jumping around. Many people were wearing anything to do with Christmas. Of course, Christmas is not here yet. However, yesterday afternoon, the main streets of Toronto downtown were possibly much more festive than the actual Christmas Day. This was because many Torontonians, especially those with children, flooded Toronto downtown eagerly to check out the Santa Claus Parade. This parade is one of the largest in North America and it has been held for over hundred years. It started in 1905 by Eaton Department Store. Over the last hundred years, it has not only survived against the two World wars and Great Depression, its size and floats have become more extravagant for the past few years.

Ed told me about this Parade but he himself never been before. He said, only children or parents with children would go to such parade. As a tourist or newcomer of Canada, I insisted to go to experience it. He had no choice but agreed. Though it was quite cold (4 to 5 degree Celcius), luckily, the sun was out yesterday. The Parade started at 12.30pm and we arrived around 1.30pm. The streets were packed with people, some looked very well prepared. They had brought along chairs, blankets and food, just like they were somewhere picnicking.

Apart from the 24 floats, there were over one thousands marchers and another 24 bands playing Christmas songs and musics all along. Children and adults were all excited and enjoyed themselve. We happened to watch the Parade next to the Sick Children Hospital. Seeing the sick children and their parents for once did not have to worry about their illnesses but just enjoyed themselves, were very touching to me. Santa Claus float was the last one to appear and he was the one everybody was waiting for. Children were so thrilled to see him and some even chasing after the float.

The Parade finished at 2.45pm. I am sure, everyone leaving with memorable memories and children must be hoping for the quicker arrival of Christmas.


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