The Darjeeling Limited

昨晚去看了The Darjeeling Limited。


很喜欢它那五颜六色的布景,喜欢它搞笑的场面, 喜欢它的音乐。最喜欢的是它拍摄手法 – 镜头左右地移动。有时,一幕一幕,或像照片一样,一张一张地带出故事。例如,你会看到一个一个火车厢,从左至右地,每个火车厢内有他们各自的故事。 蛮喜欢这种拍摄手法。


Went to watch The Darjeeling Limited last night. It was pretty cool and I quite like it.

I like the strong colours, its humor and its musics. But I like the cinematography the most. The most commonly used technique is panning. It is quite interesting to see the camera moving from left to right, for example, from left to right through the train where you see the train cabin one by one from left to right, each with its own story. Sometimes, like showing some still photos from left to right, one by one, then the story enfolds.

However, what I like the most, really, is the cool suitcase !!






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