Finally, Niagara Falls !

上周末的天气突然变好,我和Ed趁机出门跑跑。这次我们去Niagara Falls (尼亚加拉瀑布)。来了这么久,终于要去见一见这世界闻名的瀑布。其实,它离多伦多很近,约一个半小时车程。只是,Ed一直懒得带我去,常说没什么好看的,它那里太过商业化, 我不会喜欢。但住在多伦多,哪可没去过Niagara Falls呢。我坚持,Ed只好照办。

反正靠近,那天我们睡迟些才出发。刚好可以停在一个精致的小镇(Niagara-on-the-lake) 吃午餐(我迟些才写这个小镇)。午餐后,继续上路。一些时间后,我见到远处有几座很高的建筑物。

我问Ed, 那里是什么地方,是美国吗?建筑物很丑。(注)

Ed说,我们到了Niagara Falls 啦!

我吓了一跳。我还以为我们会驾车进一个树林,跟着要徒步进去才可见到Niagara Falls。我见过许多瀑布,我都是这样走进树林看的。没想到Niagara Falls就在一个小城市边。你站在石头围栏前看,它离你就那么近。你的背后就是高高的赌场,娱乐场和很多高尚酒店。还有那汹涌的人潮。我虽有点失望,可是壮观的Niagara Falls也真是名不虚传。我也不多说,我用相机拍了一两分钟的video给你们看。


无论如何,Niagara Falls本身没让我失望。它虽不高, 却是世界最宽的瀑布之一。它的流量(每分钟168,000平方公尺的水份)也是世界数一数二。站在那,听它威武的吼叫声,看它努力不懈的毅力,震撼心灵。


回家时, Ed说,见过啦。不需要再来了吧。




(注:Niagara Falls 位于美国和加拿大边境)

The weather suddenly became sunny last weekend. Taking advantages of good weather, Ed and I decided to go to Niagara Falls. Yes ! After all these months, finally, I was going to see the world famous Niagara Falls. Actually, it is not far from Toronto, it only takes one and half hour drive. However, Ed was reluctant to take me there because it is so touristy that he thought I won’t like it. More to that was he was very lazy. I told him, hey, how could I live in Toronto but never been to Niagara Falls. I insisted and he had no choice.

On that day, we decided to sleep in a little since the drive was not too long. Also, so that we could stop in a small beautiful town (Niagara-on-the-lake) for lunch on the way there. ( I will write more about the town later). Only a short while on the road after lunch, I saw some tall buildings from afar.

I asked Ed, what are those ugly looking buildings? Are we close to America boarder?

Ed said, we have arrived at Niagara Falls !

I could not believe my own eyes ! I saw many tall high class hotel buildings, a huge Casino and thousands of tourists! I never expect to see Niagara Falls this way. What I was expecting was we would have to drive into a forest or some sort, then had to walk in to see the falls. This was how I saw many other falls. I did not expect Niagara Falls is situated right next to a small city. You stand next to the stone gate, the Falls is just right in front of you and the backdrop is all these commercial buildings. I was little bit disappointed initially, nonetheless, the spectacular Niagara Falls captured my attention immediately. I won’t say much here and would like to share a couple of minutes of video I recorded.

Isn’t it a strange combination?

Nonetheless, the Niagara Falls is absolutely breathtaking. His powerful roars, his never ceasing life force shake our hearts to its core. The scene of more than 168,000 cubic metres (6 million cubic feet) of water going over the crestline every minute is truly admirable.

We stayed till evening and were lucky to see the beautiful sunset. Around 7pm, when the day turned dark, there were many spotlights turned on to lit up the Falls. It changed colour every 15 minutes or so, from white, red, green, blue…and so on, adding on more mysterious atmosphere.

On the way home, Ed said, so now you have been to Niagara Falls, and we don’t have to come again, right?

I nodded.

He then added, if your family and friends come here to visit, you can take them here yourself. I don’t have to come again?

I said, Ok ! …..


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