Murtabak in Toronto !

约两个周末前,天气很好,我和Ed驶车闲逛。来到一个波兰人聚住的地区,刚好有一个波兰式的街头节庆 (street festival)。 我喜欢街头节庆,我们就停下来看看。有波兰舞蹈表演,有波兰食物等。但最吸引我的档摊是马来西亚的murtabak挡 !!

Two weekend ago, the weather was beautiful, Ed and I took the car to drive around. We happened to be around in the area that have many Polish settlements. Accidentally, there was a Polish street festival, so we went for a look. Although there were Polish dance performance, lots of Polish food stalls, the one that I was most interested in was Malaysian murtabak stall !

其实,我不太知道什么是murtabak。嘻!不好意识,真的是愧为马来西亚人。可当我见到小贩们做印度面包 ( roti canai) ,再放进一些咖哩肉菜时,我相信我曾在马吃过。我多吃不加料的roti canai, 较少吃多多花样的。我想murtabak 就是加了料的roti canai。只是我不知道它的名字罢了。不管它是加了料的roti canai也好,还是正宗的murtabak也好,总之是马来西亚食物我都爱。它还是halal 的呢!虽我不是回教徒,可也觉得好亲切。

Frankly, I did not quite know what is murtabak. Hee hee ! What a shame to be Malaysia but did not know what it is. Anyway, when I saw the cook making a Malaysian Indian bread (roti canai), and then added some curry meat or vegetables inside, I swear I had it before in Malaysia. I only love plain roti canai but seldom try other types of roti canai which add many ingredient insides. Hence, I think murtabak is this sort of roti canai that has ingredient inside. Well, regardless it is a variation of roti canai or murtabak is diferrent from roti canai, I still feel excited when I see Malaysian food. They were halal too ! Though I am not Muslim, I still feel at home when I see this word.


他们说,他们正等待着多伦多政府合法化街边食物。(注:现在,只有热狗档是合法的)那时,他们就会出来开档。天啊! 我可要痴痴地等了!

Ed asked if they have a restaurant somewhere, we would love to go there to eat. Interestingly, they do not own a restaurant. They only do their business during summer street festival. We were quite disappointed because we thought we have finally found one good Malaysian restaurant to go to, considering there are not many good Malaysian restaurants in Toronto.

They also said, they are waiting for the government to legalise street food in Toronto. (Ps: at this stage, the only legalised street food in Toronto is hotdog ) . When this happens, they would love to have their own street food stall. Gosh ! It means that I still have to wait for a long time !

他们的murtabak很好吃哟! 咖哩够正宗够辣,roti 虽有点焦不过够脆够味。难怪他们的档口络绎不绝。我也很替他们开心他们的生意这么好。


啊! 好怀念马来西亚的mamak档!

[注: mamak 即是印度回教徒,mamak 档是马来西亚人常用词,即是印度回教徒开的档摊或店铺,专卖他们拿手的印度面包(roti canai) 。]

Their murtabak was really delicious ! The curry was very authentic and spicy. Although the roti was slightly burned, itwas very tasty and crispy. No wonder the line up was very long. I was very happy for them too.

Frankly, I am very interested to know what they do during daytime. Do they study? Do they work in an office? ……they are true hidden talents.

Oh ! I miss the mamak stall food in Malaysia !

[Ps: Mamak means Indian Muslim. They are famous for their specialty in Indian bread (roti canai) and their stalls or restaurants can be seen everywhere in Malaysia]



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