TIFF Diary : (1) Sleeping Early

DAY ONE ( Sept 6th, Thurs)

在多伦多国际电影节开幕的那天,我决定留在家里,读多些有关电影和自愿工作者的资料。我也提早睡觉,因为,必须在第二天早上六点爬起床来准备。七点半要到Cumberland 戏院 (TIFF 其中的一个戏院)报到。这是我第一次在这种大型的电影节自愿工作, 应该会学到很多东西和很新奇。

On the first day of Toronto International Film Festival, I decided to stay home. I read more on the films and went to bed early to prepare myself for an early morning the next day.

I had to wake up at 6am in order to get to Cumberland Theatre, one of the venues of TIFF, at 7.30am for my first volunteer shift. This was my very first experience as a volunteer in such a big international film festival. It should have lots to learn, fun and interesting.


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