Busy with TIFF

最近,为了多伦多国际电影节,忙着看电影和自愿工作,还有花了很多时间排队, 好累,也没什么时间写部落。

明天是电影节的最后一天, 我还有三部电影要看。 共看了十一部电影吧。嘻嘻!和一些疯狂影迷来比较,我只是个小小影迷。有些人在十天内,会看上四十多部电影。我没这种耐力。


I have been very busy with Toronto International Film Festival recently. Not only busy with watching movies and spending too much time lining up, I am also involved in the volunteering work at TIFF. Exhausted, and don’t have much time to write any post for this blog.

Tomorrow is the last day of TIFF and I still have three more movies to watch ! Including these three, I would have seen total of evelen movies. Well, compared to the real filmgoers, I am nothing worth to mention because some of them can watch more than 40 movies in these 10 days. I don’t think I have such energy.

Apart from watching movies, I have learned heaps from my volunteering work at TIFF. It is quite a new experience for me. I shall slowly put together all my thoughts and share them here soon.


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