This is how we date 我俩是这样谈恋爱的


除了他在澳洲工作的十个月时间,我俩都是一个在北 (美加), 一个在南 (澳洲)。


最近一年,我们开始用另一个方式‘谈恋爱’- Skype。

诚心感激先进的科技,让我俩的感情可以维系 😉



(photo taken by Ed in Canada, while I am in Malaysia)

Ed and I have been going out for more than three years. Apart from his ten months work in Australia, most of the times, we are thousands of miles apart – he is in USA or Canada, and I am in Australia.

For the first couple of years, we communicated through phone calls. In the recent a year or two, we started to ‘date’ through Skype 😉 Thanks to the modern technology that helps us two to keep our long distance relationship. Of course, without each other’s trust, understanding and determination to be together, no advanced technology can help in any way.

What I really wish now is most couples already have – just to be able to spend times together, rather than ‘talking’ to and ‘laughing’ with the ‘computer’ most of the times.


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