It is winter again !

It is winter again !

In Australia, winter started officially on 1st June. This is the THIRD winter for me in less than one year ! Winter was just over in Australia when I left Melbourne last year. I went to Canada and had my first white winter there. Now, i am back to Melbourne and was lucky to enjoy a couple of weeks of some sunshine but the cool is slowly taking over now. It has been quite cool for the last few days, average about 10-14 celcius during the day.

People may think after I had experienced the freezing white coldness in Toronto, I should be able to handle the winter in Melbourne, since it rarely go below zero. Unfortunately, the heating system in Melbuorne is not as adequate compare to Toronto. In Toronto, the heating system is so good that I dress like summer (just a T-shirt is enough) indoor. In Melbuorne, unless if the house has ducted heating, most houses, particulary apartments only have heaters indoor. So, I am freezing cold indoor and have to wear a few layers !

The worst thing is, when I look at the calendar and noticed that the time I am going back to Toronto is highly likely the winter time there again ! It seems like I am chasing after the winter !

Poor me ! I am extremely tired of winter !

Wonder when the winter is going to finish ?



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