Federation Square

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今天想写一写我很喜欢的Federation Square (简称Fed Sq)。

Fed Sq 是一座十年不到的新建筑物,其目的是想为墨尔本提供一个集文化,艺术,旅游和公众空间的场所。 它座落在Flinders St Station 的正对面, 它的右边正是St Paul’s Cathedrel,左边是Yarra River.

Federation Square (Fed Sq) is one of my favourite spots in Melbourne. It was built less than 10 years ago. It is the public space and a unique cultural, art and tourism precinct for Melbourne city. It is located opposite of Flinders St Station. St Paul’s Cathedral is on its right and Yarra River on its left.

我起初不太喜欢它的创新及大胆的设计,后来倒是开始喜欢上它不同的空间和色彩观感。最喜欢的还是它为墨尔本市提供源源不绝的动力。Fed Sq建筑内有 : National Gallery of Victoria, Australia Centre for the Moving Image, Australia Design Centre, BMW Edge 圆形剧场等等。 它常年举办许多文化和艺术活动。

Initially, I did not like its design. For me, it was too awkward but now I start to appreciate the unique spacious and colourful simulations it provides. The are many important buildings within Fed Sq, including National Gallery of Victoria, Australia Centre for the Moving Image, Australia Design Centre, BMW Edge Amphitheatre etc. However, what attract me the most are the ongoing creative and cultural events and activities organised in the Fed Sq.

在写Me!!!bourne 的同一天,我路经 Fed Sq, 见有人坐在The Square, 起初还以为因为天气好,他们在晒太阳。后来才知道有些活动,原来是Melbourne Jazz Festival的免费节目。看看台上的乐器,竟是印尼传统乐器。好奇下,就坐了下来。

On the day I wrote Me!!!bourne, I walked past Fed Sq and saw many people sitting in The Square. I thought they were just enjoying the sunshine. Only later I found out that there were some free performances as part of the Melbourne Jazz Festival. Looking at the traditional Indonesian musical instruments on stage, puzzled, I sat down to find out how do these instruments relate to Jazz music.

表演者是一群Victoria College of Arts的音乐学生。他们先用印尼传统乐器呈献几首传统乐曲。接着才加上现代爵士乐器弹奏出几首爵士乐。蛮创新的。 慢慢地,许多人也被这新奇的音乐组合吸引了。

It was a performances by a group of music students at the Victoria College of Arts. They first performed some traditional Indonesian musics with the instruments, then slowly add in modern jazz components to the traditional musics. It was quite interesting. Attracted by the creative combinations of musics, more people sat down to enjoy the musics.

最近,我已听说儿童电影节,PBS办的古巴/东欧/巴西演唱会等等会在Fed Sq内进行。我想,我在墨尔本的日子将会很精彩 ;)

There are also more upcoming events in the Fed Sq, including the children film festival and Cuban/Rio-Brazil/Eastern European Musical concert (organised by PBS station). I guess, my times in Melbourne are going to be quite exciting ! 😉

以下是Fed Sq的夜景。

The following is the Fed Sq at night.

(photo from http://www.federationsquare.com.au/index.cfm?pageID=56&galleryID=1


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