I supposed to spend all day in the library to study but I chose the wrong library – the RMIT library in the city. The reason I wanted to study in the city because I had a few things needed to be organised in the city.

However, the weather was so gorgeous that as soon as I walked out from the library I had already decided to stay out for the sun, in the lovely Melbourne City 🙂

St Paul’s Cathedral in the Melbourne City. I found out today that it was recently renovated while I was away, no wonder it looks so stunning this time around !

View at South Bank and Yarra River (the river which flows through the city). One of my favourite spots during summer.

Flinders Street Station is among Melbourne’s most recognisable landmarks. It is one of the best-known railway stations in Australia. It has more than 90 years history.

When I first arrived in Melbourne, it was the only few buildings I knew and I always met friends at the steps before we went anywhere.


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