It is ‘sew’ fun !

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最近在学裁缝。很喜欢这个新的嗜好。这是个五个星期的课程。学用电动缝衣机,学简单的裁剪等。目标是, 五个星期后依图案做出一条简单的裤或裙。下星期是最后一星期了。

我已过世的大舅是做枕头被褥生意的。 记得小时候,已过世的婆婆及妈妈常会帮忙缝制枕头袋。当枕头袋缝制好,我则帮忙将它反回正面。我想,那是我第一次接触缝纫的时候。对婆婆及妈妈踏着那很旧黑色的Singer缝衣机缝制枕头袋的画面仍印象深刻。现在的缝衣机都是电动的, 我想已很难再见到这种画面了。

当我跟妈妈说,我要学缝纫时,她很惊讶。 我想是因为这么多年来,我都没有兴趣,不知我怎么突然要学。其实,原因是我很吝啬,不太舍得花钱买飘亮的衣服。总是觉得怎么这么少布料的东西要这么贵。也很挑剔,如,我要的设计,没有我要得颜色等等。所以,学一学,想看我做得出什么来。 我要做的设计如右图那深蓝色3/4长度的裤子。学习过程中最开心的是,看着那剪出来一片片的布料开始“成形”。

Ed察觉到,与绘画相比,我比较喜欢缝纫。 因为,当我从缝纫班回来时, 我会很兴奋地说个不停,也爱拿出我的”杰作”给他看,再自己左看右看地欣赏, 或拿它晃来晃去。我现在也会常常去裁缝店逛。这使我想起中小学美术课时,我特别爱做手工品,分数也会高过绘画。或许是吧!

懒得分析或比较, 总之喜欢就好了! It is ‘sew’ fun ! 🙂

I started to learn sewing recently. I really like this new hobby. The course I take is a five weeks course. In this course, I learn how to use sewing machine, hand sewing, and simple cutting etc. The aim of this course is to sew a pant or skirt from commercial patterns. Next week is already the last week of the course.

My uncle who already passed away used to own a factory that made pillows and mattresses. I still can remember my grandmother and mother used the very old, black manual Singer to help to sew pillow cases for him. I was little then and would help to flip the pillow cases inside out for them. I am still able to vividly recollect the scene of them stepping on the old machine, concentrating on sewing. Most sewing machines if not all nowaday are electric, I don’t think I could ever see such scene again.

When I told my mother that I wanted to learn sewing. She was very surprised. I guess is because I never show any interest all these years, what made me suddenly have the desire to learn. Frankly, I think one of the reasons is I am quite stingy on spending money for clothing. I always think that most clothing are overcharged. Sometimes, I am very picky, for example, I may like a design but they don’t have the colour I like. So, I think it will be interesting to see what I can make in and after this course. What I am making now is as shown in the picture, the dark blue 3/4 length pant. The most exciting thing in sewing is when you see the pieces of fabric come together.

Ed observed that I like sewing more than painting because I tend be more excited when I come back from sewing classes. I would talk non-stop, show him what I made, putting them on and walk around with the unfinished pieces. Now, I enjoy shopping in fabric and sewing shops too. This comment reminded me of my art classes in my primary and secondary school. I used to have better marks in handicraft than drawing or painting. I guess he is right.

Whatever it is, I am lazy to analyze or compare, I just love sewing ! It is ‘sew’ fun ! 🙂






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