My Chinese Medicine friends

前几天, 收到一个惊喜。 我在RMIT 中医系认识到的同学寄来上面这张相片。很感动!

他们是学士班的学生。 虽我是硕士班的,认识到他们是因为我有一学科和他们一起上。后来,我们也在学生诊所一起实习而熟络起来。其实,认识他们的时间不算长, 没想到他们为我搞个送别会(相片的中间),我也收到一些礼物。。很被他们的真诚及友情感动。

很高兴再见到那一张张亲切的脸孔及笑容 – 有同学,也有我敬爱的老师。很怀念实习的那段日子....


A couple of days ago, I received a nice surprise from my chinese medicine school friends. They sent me the above photo. I was so touched !

They are the students from undergraduate course. Although I am from postgraduate course, I got to know them through the clinical hours in the student clinic, as well as classes of an undergraduate subject. I was very touched by their effort to put together a farewell for me before I left Australia. I also received some lovely presents from them. For the fact that we don’t really know each other for too long, I was so touched by their sincerity and frienships !

I am so happy to see their familar faces and lovely smiles again in the photo above – not only the students, also the lecturers I respect. It reminds me of those good memories in the student clinic…

Just want to say a big thank you to them here, as well as my warmest regards to them !Will definitely catch up with them when I return to Australia !


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