Going home or leaving home Series 离家.回家 : (1)前言 Prologue

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小时梦想出国上大学, 幻想体验外国的生活,期望结交不同国籍的朋友,享受那春夏秋冬的转变。所以,我去了澳洲。哪知,这一去,去了十二个年头。


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有一位朋友因97问题移民来澳。那时,他才十岁左右。住了整二十年,他又举家回流香港。临走前,他老板问他:“Are you going home or leaving home ?” 他答不上来。 因为这个小故事,我才发现身边朋友都有相同的挣扎。于是,我和几个朋友凑在一起搞了一部短片。片名为“Going home or leaving home – 回家.离家”



在2004年尾,我们以《Going home or leaving home 回家.离家》这部短片 (短片的video 在这里),报名参加第十届香港独立短片及录像比赛。 2005三月中,我们得知被列入评审团推荐,在香港艺术中心放映几天。


两三年后,一个机缘下,我遇到了Ed,跟着他跑去加拿大。突然发觉,我又多了一个家。这时,突然想起这部短片。 再看一看其他的一些朋友,发现很多片中片外的已分散世界各国。


心血来潮下,我想把这部短片中的故事重述, 也看看他们现在在哪。


During my childhood, I dreamed of studying overseas, dreamed of livng in different country, getting to know different people from all around the world, and experiencing the four season changes. Therefore, I went to Australia and this lead to total of 12 years stay in Melbourne.

For the last few years, although I missed my family in my home country Malaysia, I started getting used to the life in Australia. It was a life living in two countries – two homes, never had a solution if stay or leave.

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Due to the issue of Hong Kong’s handing back to China in 1997, a friend of mine immigrated to Australia long time ago. He was only about ten years old. After settling life in Australia for nearly twenty years, his family decided to move back to Hong Kong. Before he left, his boss asked him : “Are you going home or leaving home ?” He could not answer it. Because of this story, I realised some of my friends faced the similar struggles. A few of us got together and made a short documentary, titled “Leaving home or going home”.

This documentary was about the stories of five characters who had the similar experiences – immigrated to Australia when they were really young, and pondered where was their real home when they grown up.

Some of them decided to move back to their home countries but they already got used to the life in Australia. Those who decided to stay back, might not be able to let go of their home countries, and always missed it. For some, it did not really bother them too much. This documentary was about their journey in seaching for this home.

Our documentary went into Jury’s Choice in the 10th Independent Short Films and Video Competition and was shown for a couple of days in Hong Kong Art Centre.

After this production, we went back to our own lives. I then met Ed and came to Canada for him. Suddenly, I realised I have another new home. This reminded me of this documentary. I then looked for those friends who were involved in this documentary and found out that some of them have since moved to another country too. This intrigued me and lead to this small little project in this blog.

In this Feature Series, I am going to introduce the characters in the documentary, their stories and see where they are now.

The world is getting smaller. Definition of Home has changed accordingly. Due to many different reasons, people tend to move from one country to another.

I believe, many of us, in some ways have this similar struggles. You are welcomed to leave comments and share with me your experiences.





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