A Day Off 休假一天

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因要去Ed朋友公司帮忙,加上最近另一个朋友四十“大寿”,要帮忙做一个DVD。裁缝班 (对, 我也学着裁缝)的功课多了。 加上,要开始写我的硕士论文。悠闲的生活突然变得很忙碌。今天休假一天,决定不写这个My Healthy Day的文章。

其实, 想起来,这也算是健康的信息。 我以前的日子很忙。 主要的原因也是自己的缺点- 很贪心, 很信不过人,什么都要拿来做,什么都要自己做。很多时候会逼得自己很惨,有时会为了完成一些东西而吃睡不定时。以前,有一个朋友常劝我,要学会放慢脚步。现在,我 比较会区分优先次序,也不会把东西抓得太紧。不太要紧的, 迟些做也可以。有时候,身心或精神要休息,就放一放假。这样会健康一 点。

在此想起,《黄帝内经》 – 一本最古老的中医经典 内的一段对话 :




后记: 唉,说不写,我还是写了一大堆 ! 要多向古人学习。

(分享: 我另写了一篇《黄帝内经》春天养生之道,有兴趣的朋友,请点击这里。)

Since I have to start going to work for Ed’s friend, and also helping to make a DVD for another friend’s 40th birthday party. In addition to that, I am getting more homework from sewing classes, as well as I have to start writing my thesis for my master degree ! My leisurely life suddenly becomes so busy ! So, today is my day off for this Health column 🙂

Now when I think of it, this itself is a healthy message. I used to lead an extremely busy life。The main reasons were my own weaknesses – greedy, hence wanted to do everything, and could not trust other people, hence I had to do everything myself. Sometimes, I drove myself to nuts and could not sleep or eat properly. A friend of mine always asked me to learn how to slow down. Now, I have learnt how to prioritise, and let go more. Things that are not too urgent can do it later. Sometimes, when I feel that my body, mind and soul need some rest, I will give myself a short holiday. It is healthier.

I recalled a dialogue in an ancient Chinese Medicine literature – <Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor> :

(not a professional and complete translation, only the main points are translated)

“Huang Di asked : I have heard people in the past could live till one hundred years old and still very healthy and active. Why people nowadays already become sluggish before they reached 50 years old?

Ji Bo answered: This is because people in the past understand the rhythm of life, and the balance of Yin and Yang. The ancient people eat and sleep appropriately and according to the right time. They do not overwork, hence their body and the mind are always one, and can enjoy longevity. However, people nowadays are the opposite. They consume too much alcohol, don’t follow the rhythm, don’t’ eat and sleep appropriately and according to the time, have excessive sex, don’t preserve their energy and over-thinking. Hence exhausting their essence in the body and the energy of life, and already become sluggish before they turn 50. ”

Ps: I told myself to rest today but I still have written so much ! I have to learn more from the ancient people as mentioned above :)





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