Birthday Presents 生日礼物

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我的生日就要来了。这是个重要的生日。(年龄在此是秘密 😀 )


起初, 建议去纽约。可是, 价钱很昂贵。一个周末的费用是去Caribbean一星期的费用。Caribbean的沙滩与东南亚的沙滩,有点相似的。不同的是,那里的人及食物。可是,因Ed的工作关系,我们没有足够时间背包旅行,所以,我俩也不太兴奋。



其实,那么多年来,我都没特别庆祝生日,至到遇到他后。我也不太喜欢派对。 人太多, 只是说些琐事,没机会谈谈心。

为了这个生日,蛮头痛的。他却坚持, 说这是个重要的生日,要好好庆祝一番,希望在几十年后,我也会记得这个生日。他说得也对。也谢谢他的体帖。

我最希望的只是,自己及身边的人健康快乐和睦。还有,在这重要的生日来临前, 好好回想过去,展望将来,许下一两个生日愿望。好好努力,希望几十年后,这几个愿望会实现,那就真的是会记得了。

My birthday is coming soon. This is an important birthday (but the age is a secret here 😀 ).

Ed is trying to plan something for my birthday. Initially, he wanted to take me to New York City. However the cost is very high; one weekend will cost the same as a whole week in the Caribbean. I personally find that beaches are all similar, since sand and salt water is the same everywhere. Exception being the local culture such as food or the people. Due to Ed’s frantic work schedule, we can’t dedicate the proper time to go our way, which is backpacking. Therefore we are not too excited about any of these options.

I have been using his laptop for all this blogging. Ed had also thought about buying me my own laptop. I guess the main reason is that he is quite worried I would destroy his because I am quite a careless woman.

He also wants to plan for a dinner party with friends to celebrate. We have not decided whether to have the party at home or at restaurant or pub. I think, it is better to have a dinner party at home. We are thinking to have a chinese hotpot party, since it is easier to prepare than a full dinner.

I don’t usually celebrate my birthdays until I met him. In addition, I don’t like any big party because I am not that good at small talk.

It is quite a headache for me because of all this fuss, but he insisted for a proper celebration so I would remember it years from now. I guess he might be right, but only if he does all the planning.

What I really wish most is happiness, health and harmony for myself and the people around me. I guess this is also a good time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future, make a couple of birthday wishes and determinations and then work towards them. If those dreams do come true, I then will remember this birthday for sure.







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