He is a Better Cook !

昨晚,我决定炒上海炒面。这是第一次试煮。 很久以前看过烹饪书。

煮到一半, 那时一切还好。 正当要加上海面时,我看了看那上海面,似乎有些粉。

正犹疑 要不要先用水分开煮一煮, 才与其他材料一齐炒。

照常理, 我通常都会如此做。

可是, 昨晚不知是一时想偷懒,还是在发白日梦,没过水,就把上海面丢进去炒。

结果是当然是不堪设想 !






Last night, I decided to cook Shanghainess Fried Noodles. This was my first to try this dish. I had read the recipe before but it was a while ago.

Everything went well until adding the noodles. I looked at the noddles, noticed they were quite powdery.

I hesitated if I should boil the noodles separately before adding to other ingredients.

Usually, I would do so. I did not know what happened last night, possibly was my lazy nature playing its full role, or I was daydreaming. Without boiling them first, I just added in to fry with other ingredients.

Of course, I created a mess and a disaster !

My initial thoughtful plan to prepare for Ed’s lunch was completely destroyed !

No wonder, he always teases me – I can not cook as good as him, I am not as hard working in housework compare to him, I definitely do not know how to maintain the house.

Well, I give up, he can do them all, I am happy to take it easy and enjoy it.

He said, what I am good for as a girlfriend.

My female friends said, I am a lucky girl who can find such a good man who does housework and cook 😀



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