Oscar Series :(3) After Oscar 奥斯卡过后

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奥斯卡过了。义论纷纷 – 它的结果。

有点失望<Pan’s Labyrinth>没获得最佳外语片。这部电影是我最近非常欣赏的一部。

这部电影讲述一个活在残酷现实世界里的小女孩自己的幻想世界。故事优美得来,也可悲。很少看到一部电影可以将现实及幻想交替地那么完美。 结局也很玩味,是真是假,已不重要。

(如果你有兴趣,可以点击 http://www.panslabyrinth.com 。一个很好的website ! 有音乐,片段等等 )

我还没看<Life of the others >,难下评论。可也知道它有很好的影评。

最意外的该是最佳电影 – 竟是<The Departed>。Martin Scorsese从没拿过奥斯卡,我想,今年他拿最佳导演是一种承认。

没想到最佳影片也给他拿了。一开始时,很惊讶,因为觉得<Babel> 或其他的也好过这部。

跟着是,喜哀参半。 喜是,Martin Scorsese很有君子风度,在领奖时谢谢香港导演及赞扬中文影片。 觉得他为香港电影发扬光大。



有些时候,拿奖这种东西, 虽是对影界工作人的一个承认及鼓励,也很讲天时地利人和。

到头来,他们知道,最重要的是继续努力及继续热爱自己的工作。有多少的电影工作人士,埋头苦干了多少年, 也没人知。Martin Scorsese也等了几十年!



其实,有一份自己热爱的工作也算幸运, 也需要有勇气继续。

有多少人,为一份工做了几十年,却从头到尾憎恨自己的工作。 这种日子同样难过…..

Finally Oscar is over. It is still an equally hot topic. Many people were surprised by its results.

Personally, I am quite disappointed that Pan’s Labyrinth did not win the Best Foreign Film. It is one of the rare films I really like recently.

This film is about a fantasy of a dreamy little girl. She was uprooted to a rural military outpost commanded by her new step father. The story is so beautiful and yet so unfortunate. For a long time, I have not seen a film able to tell a story of reality and fantasy in such perfectness. The ending was thought providing too. In the end, you are not sure which is the reality, which is the fantasy, however, it does not matter anymore.

(if you are interested, you can go to this official site : http://www.panslabyrinth.com . It is an excellent website. You can view the trailer and listern to the soundtrack )

I have not seen Life of the others, can not give any comments. I have heard there are many good reviews for this film.

The most unexpected was the Best Picture handed out to The Departed. Martin Scorsese never received an Oscar. I guess, this year is paying tribute to him as the Best Director.

It is just a bit surprised he won the Best Picture too. I was initially a bit too shock because I thought other films like Babel maybe is better than The Departed .

Later, I felt mixture of pride and disappointment. Pride was because Martin Scorsese thanked the Hong Kong director who made the original and praised the Chinese Cinema.

Disappointment was because I knew that if the original Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs was submitted to the Oscar, it would not win any prices, possibly not even been selected to the finalist. I guess there are many reasons for it….even though the original was so brilliantly filmed !

Nonetheless, the Chinese Cinema is once again attracting more attention.

I guess, although winning the Oscar is a kind of recognition and encouragement, it is also very depending on luck, timing, and the people.

At the end of the day, the film makers are accurately aware that they just have to continue to make good movies, and continue with the passion, regardless of Oscar. There are lots of film makers have been working tiredless for years but never get such recognition. Even Martin Scorsese has been waiting for this Oscar for more than thirty years !

When I was living in Australia, I had volunteered to work for a few film makers. I am so inspired by their passion to their jobs, though there is never good pay or recognition.

I guess, such altitute is equally important in all careers or jobs.

In fact, to have a career that you are passionate about, itself is a blessing. It also takes tremendous courages to continue.

There are so many people who have worked for years but never like their jobs. This kind of life is equally difficult….







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