Oscar Series – (2) My Oscar Night — Dreaming for an Oscar 梦想一座奥斯卡

奥斯卡的晚上,抵达朋友 家时,她穿上晚装迎接我们。



她先生, 把提名名单影印出来。每人一张,在颁奖礼正式开始前填好, 要看看谁猜准几项。

看着时,Ed告诉我,他有一位朋友曾拿过奥斯卡奖。 当然不是大奖项,只是小小的。问他,他也说不上来到底是哪一个了。







那晚很开心, 因为与几个朋友看奥斯卡直播很难得。虽然,对一些奖项的结果感到有些意外。


On Oscar night, Ed and I went to a friend’s house for the Oscar ceremony. When we arrived, our friend dressed up to welcome us.

She said, she wanted it to be like an Oscar welcome.

We were drinking cocktail while watching the live ceremony, I did feel like in the Oscar.

Her husband printed out the Oscar ballot for us to fill before the Oscar.

When we were watching, Ed told me that he has a friend won the Oscar before. It was not a major price. When I asked him exactly which one, he could not even answer me.

I said : “I give you ten years, could you bring home an Oscar for me ?”

Ed is working in film and animation industry. He has been involved in some big films/animations, also has seen some famous people.

I thought, it is not impossible.

He ignored it and said :” You should be the one to bring home an Oscar !”

He continued :”You made a short documentary before, so please take home a Best Short Documentary Oscar !”

I guess it would only be possible in my dreams.

We enjoyed the night together, though I was a bit surprised by the results of some categories.

That night, I was hoping for an Oscar in my dreams………….



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