Stormy Winter

大约两星期前的一天,气象电视台报导:“This is a major event!” (中文翻译该是:大件事 !)


之前的晚上,雪已下得很大。醒来时,满地已铺了厚厚的一层雪, 雪还在下着。

这是我从我那第十层 楼见到的雪景

About two weeks ago, one day, the weather network said : “It is a major event !”

That’s right, there was a snowstorm warning in South East of Canada overnight. Toronto had 15cm snowfall and some places had up 40-60cm snowfall.

It was already snowing heavily the night before. When I woke up in the morning, everything was covered by think snow and it was still snowing.

This is the view I saw from my unit at the 10th floor。


Many cars could not move properly, and they drove in snail pace, around 10-20km/hour. It was common that cars stucked in the middle of the roads because of the snow. Sometimes, drivers had to come out from the car to push it to run again. Thankfully, the other drivers here were pretty understanding and patient.


We were quite excited by the snowstorm, quickly wrapped ourselves with layers and layers of clothing, went out to take some photos.


The snowstorm stopped the morning after, and the streets had been cleaned.

可是,我们家的窗都结冰了,开不到!! 没办法,这是在加拿大生活的一部份……

However, I could not open my windows because they were all frozen !! Well, this is part of life in the winter here….






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