Life in the freezer


Today, the weather forecast is :

对了!在数字前是有个负号, 就是说,这是零下的天气。


Yes ! You are right ! There is a minus in front of the numbers, aka below zero temperature.
I have already been experiencing a few daytime highest temperature was -12 celcius, with wind chill could go down to – 23 celcius.



— 羊毛上衣 (最好是有turtle neck的)

— 羊毛外套

–厚鸭羽毛的大外套(我没有长的。最耐寒的是长到垂脚的。 有些有个套头的,套头边有两片布块给你盖住半边脸)





— 长毛


穿上所有以上的物件,我会变得很胖及很丑!! (如以下的照片. 注:照片里的河结冰了)

Thankfully, all buildings in Canada have very good heating system. If I stay home, one layer of clothing is good ennough.
If I have to go out, I then have to put on the following items:

— top and bottom thermal inner wears
— a wool top (ideally turtle neck)
— a layer of top fleece
— a thick duck down jacket ( I don’t have a long one. People wear the long one, cover till knee, best till the feet. Some jackets have hook with a pair of flips, so you can cover half of your face)
— a pair of (thicker) jeans
— a wool hat (ideally has a proper inner lining, otherwise the wind still can blow in)
— a pair of wool gloves
— a pair of wool socks (sometimes I have to wear two pairs)
— a pair of big winter boots with goop grip at the sole ( mine one even have fur inner layer)
— a scarf

I then look so fat and ugly like below !! (Note that the river in the photo was frozen!)



我想,可能只有我那么怕冷。我曾在这种零下的天气,看见过一些女的竟然只穿着裙子在外走。是习惯了吧!? 像我这种在赤道长大的女孩,没这种勇气。虽然,墨尔本有四季,可是没有下雪。

从来没有想过,我会有住在冰箱里的一天。 可喜的是,我还好好的!!

Ed said: “Who’s care !! No one look at you, everyone looking at the ground instead.”

It is true. When is snowing out with strong wind, I only look at the ground while walking. I don’t dare to look at the front because the wind will carry some snow flakes and blow right into your face. Otherwise, teary eyes, nose with snow flakes inside, a painful and frozen face are the “symptoms”.

I guess, probably just me, because I am not used to cold. Sometimes, I see women dare to wear shirt without a stocking in this sort of winter ! They probably got used to the cold !(?) For someone like me, who born in tropical country. It is not too easy. Though Melbuorne has four seasons but it does not snow.

Well, I never thought that I would ever survived living in a freezer. So far, I survive !






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