Beijing Olympics : Good or Bad?

by shirls on August 9, 2008 · 9 comments in 大节大日,有感而发

photo from New York Times

Okay. I have just finished watching the Olympic Opening. It is indeed a mix bag of feelings.

It is absolutely a spectacle. Being a Chinese myself, though not born in China, I am proud and amazed to see such dazzling opening ceremony China has put up. However, while I was watching, back in my mind, I inevitably think of the issues of pollution, human rights, and all things between that I read and hear day in and day out here.

Curious of what other people think, I went online.  And I am shocked by the amount of negativity out there (mainly from the western world) for China.

Thanks to the ‘full’ coverage of media and how we are influenced by it if we don’t think more rationally but rely solely on some biased media coverage.

I am sure the coverage in China or other parts of Asia would probably be quite different.

So, I read and read and read, from many different sources.

‘There is this theory of western world fearful of China, this upcoming superpower, hence the bombardment of criticism….There are too many issues China has to work on….Oh ! China has done such a fantastic job for the opening ceremony….. Free Tibet !……They spent too much money just to show off…..It is China’s pride and dream comes true….Smog ! Smog !…………China Olympic will turn out to be the most successful game in the history….’

It is fascinating to see such different opinions.

Yet, we know, no one is absolutely right or absolutely wrong.

So, Beijing Olympic (Opening) , good or bad? Depending where you get your news from.

How about be our own judge, not biased, not influenced by media, read more and think rationally.

Beijing Olympic : good or bad?

PS; by the way, amongst all the newspapers from around the world I read today, New York Times has the best photos 🙂

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