Our Valentine’s Days

Late last night, while Ed and I were walking on the Cenang Beach in Langkawi, I suddenly realised it is our 4th Valentine’s Day together.

Each of our Valentine’s is celebrated in different countries. We celebrated our 1st Valentine’s in China, 2nd in Australia, 3rd in Canada and now the 4th in Malaysia. Though we did not plan it, it was just co-incident. Yet, it is indeed a beautiful and seemingly ‘romantic’ co-incidence.

Each of our Valentine’s celebrated simply – with no candles, no expensive dinner or flowers or gifts. Well, we both don’t like too expensive stuffs anyway. Yet, each celebrated with hearts. In China, we had a drink in a bar, and Ed ‘stole’ a rose in the bar for me. In Australia, I came home from work and a dinner was ready. In Canada, Ed came home from work early to make a salmon (my favourite) dinner for me. And I put together a slide show for him. Now in Malaysia, umm….nothing has planned for tonight. Maybe just some satays for dinner 🙂

Being back to Malaysia this time, I have seen some newly wed happy couples, also some couples who have been married for a few years are going through some tough times. Hearing all these stories, it gives me lots to ponder.

Since each of us are very different persons, for two persons to come together and being together needs extraordinary efforts. I think all efforts in relationship are efforts to understand ourselves and our partners more deeply and respectfully. From there, it will challenge our wisdom and creativity to find a way to be together happily, and hopefully for a long time.

Well, just some of my thoughts on this day.

May I, on this Valentine’s Day, from Langkawi Island, wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day !

Wishing you all a happy, sweet, long-lasting and respectful relationship, not only with your partner, also with all your loved ones, and more importantly, yourself….



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