NFL Game Vs Sunday Roast

by shirls on November 6, 2007 · 5 comments in 厨房羞事,有感而发

(Dear English readers, please scroll down to find the ‘click’ for English translation)


Ed说,两个很棒的橄榄球队(Indianapolis 和 New England)碰头,是今年的压轴大戏。


他说,这叫做Sunday Roast,是英式传统。


我嘛,也不管是橄榄球赛也好, 英式传统也好,有一餐好的吃就高兴啦。





坦白说,看也可能是娱乐性地看看俊男多过真的看比赛 😉














还好,Ed煮的烤肉也真的很好吃 !:)

Yesterday, we stayed home to watch NFL. Just like most guys, Ed is a sport addict. The match between the two unbeaten teams (Indianapolis and New England) yesterday, of course, was something he would not miss. He was also in a mood to cook. He bought a big chunk of pork and wanted to make an English traditional Sunday roast. As for me, someone who is not really too interested in sport, so it did not really matter to me if it was a can’t-be-missed game, I was already very satisfied with a delicious meal and the fact that I did not have to cook 🙂

Before I met Ed, I was a girl who knew nothing about sports. When I was living in Malaysia, I did pay some attention to badminton games because Malaysia had a strong team then. After I had started to work in Australia, I was just too busy to have anytime to watch sport games. Once in while, I might watch one or two tennis games or one or two World Cup games. Frankly, I think it was more or less to check out the good looking athletes, more than real interest in the games 😉

After I met Ed, although I am still not a fan of sports, yet I would watch some (or any) games with him when I am free. When he is in good mood, he may try to explain to me about the rules and tactics in the games. However, of course, most times he is quite annnoyed by my bombardment of questions and just simply kicks me out of the coach. Nonetheless, I have benefited much from Ed’s patient explanation and started to learn to appreciate sports more, especially some of the tactics they used in the games. I find them fascinating. However, I do have lots of doubts in sports, especially in these modern days when most sports are all got to do with money and fame. I wonder if sportsmanship still exists, especially after hearing so many news of fraud or drug use.

Well, I think I think too much. Why not just simply enjoy the good game and the good food. Frankly, I was a little upset that Indianapolis team lost the game, thankfully, Ed’s roast pork was pretty amazing, so that’s make up for it ! 🙂

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