滨湖尼亚加拉 Niagara-on-the-Lake

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上次提到去尼亚加拉大瀑布 (Niagara Falls) 时路上的一个精致小镇, 它是著名的滨湖尼亚加拉(Niagara-on-the-Lake)。它约有两百年历史。在1996年, 它在全国城市美化比赛中(在它相对人口的组别中) 获得“加拿大最美丽的城镇”称号。在2004年,它的古镇也被宣布为国家历史保护区。

它座落于尼亚加拉河和安大略湖(Ontario Lake) 的汇合处。天气好时,在那平静的湖的对岸可以见到多伦多。镇上许多漂亮的房屋都有bed & breakfast的住宿。因环境优美和幽静,听说是情侣常到的地方。

它的古街(Queen St) 有许多餐馆,精品店,甜品店,咖啡馆,食品专店等。总的来说, 大多数店铺没什么特别, 可是胜在街上有点古色古香的味道。有一间很古老我最喜欢的店铺是苹果糖店。当我见到那大大粒可爱的苹果糖(下图右上和左下)时,我高兴得几乎跳起来。这种糖通常的做法是将整个苹果浸入巧可力浆或其他糖浆中,再点缀上一些花生之类的。但我没试吃,怕胖!

镇的邻近也有很多很出名的葡萄酒酿造厂。Ed和朋友试过在这一代踏着脚车一间间酿酒厂试酒。试完酒后,就停在这个小镇级继续喝酒!这种葡萄酒脚踏车假日旅行 (Wine Testing Bike Tour) 在夏天很流行。原本今年也要去,可是我不太有信心在马路上踏脚车,可怜的Ed 也不去了。

除了滨湖尼亚加拉 (Niagara-on-the-Lake) , 路上还有一些景点,如: 尼亚加拉大瀑布 的水力发电厂 (下图右下),古老的萧伯纳节戏院 (Shaw Festival Theater),蝴蝶保护室等。可是时间有限,我们没一个个游。

倒是有一个有趣的景点 – 花钟 (Floral Clock), 是由成千上万朵小花制成的钟。其实,没什么特别,只是不知为什么就是有很多游客围着看。我们去看是因为我曾看过Ed家人一张很旧的照片,是他们三十多年前刚移民来时拍的。这张照片就是在这个花钟前拍。我和Ed是来怀旧的。可能有些游客也是因此而来吧。这刚好配上了这花钟的另一个称呼 – A Beautiful Time。


I have mentioned in my previous post of having lunch in a small town on our way to Niagara Falls. This small town is the famous Niagara-on-the-lake. Niagara-on-the-lake has over two hundreds years of history. In 1996, this town has won the honour of the Prettiest Town in Canada in its respective population categories. In 2004. the Historic Old Town was declared as National Historic Site.

It located near where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario. When the weather is fine and clear, standing by the lake, we can see Toronto on the other side of the lake. The town has many beautiful old houses and most of them offer bed and breakfast accommodations. Due to its beauty and serenity, Niagara-on-the-lake is a popular place for couples who want a romantic holiday.

In its Queen St (Old Town), we can find many restaurants, sweet shops, souvenir shops, cafe, specialty food shops etc. I personally don’t find them too special but the street gives a special historic feel and make it a great shopping experience. The shop I like the most is the Apple Candy shop. I was so excited when I saw the huge apple candies (picture below, top right and bottom left) ! If you have not eaten it before, the apple candy is made by dipping a whole apple into chocolate or other sugar candy coating and then decorate it with some nuts etc. I did not eat it because I have already gained too much weights recently. I have to behave !

There are also many famous wineries near the town. Ed and his friends had a few wine testing bike tours near here. At the end of the wine testing, they would stop in this town and continued to drink more alcohol in a pub ! We supposed to go again this year, however, I chickened out last minute because I am still not too confident to ride on roads. Poor Ed did not go too.

There are also a few other attractions nearby, for example, Niagara Falls Hydro Power Plant (picture below, the bottom right), historic Shaw Festival Theatre, Butterfly Conservatory etc. Due to limited time, we did not go to all of them.

There is one interesting site I have to mentioned here – the Floral Clock, a clock built by thousands of small flowers. Frankly, it is not that special but I don’t understand why there were so many tourists there. We went there because Ed once showed me a photo of his family that was taken right in front of this floral clock. It was the time when his family newly immigrated to Canada over 30 years ago. We were there for nostalgia. I guess it was probably one of the reasons for some tourists there too. No wonder this floral clock sometimes also been described as ‘A Beautiful Time’.

Me too, took a photo right in front of the clock, to leave a beautiful memory for myself….

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