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by shirls on October 23, 2007 · 7 comments in 加拿大多伦多生活

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希望我不会又半途而废啦 !

Since attended a beginner sewing course in Toronto about half a year ago, I started to fall in love with sewing. I take an intermediate sewing course this time and am enjoying heaps!

Not being able to restrain myself, I bought a sewing machine recently. The sewing machine is my new baby now and just looking at it make me smiles ! My mother is surprised and wondered why her boyish daughter has suddenly fell in love with sewing, something that she never expected. Some of my friends also can’t imagine their absolutely non-domestic friend has suddenly become domestic.

Unfortunately, I have a tendency of acting impulsively and giving up halfway, just like knitting. A few years ago when knitting become a popular and trendy hobby, I attempted to learn it. I had bought lots of yarns and believed that I would make a few beautiful scarfs. However, I am an extremely impatient person and I got bored with the repeating actions pretty quickly. So, the beautiful yarns ended up in my storeroom and never got used.

However, this time, I convinced myself that sewing is different. Although it also needs patience, sewing involves many different steps in the whole process that can keep my interest up. I personally find sewing is much more fun and challenging, for example, I love learning how to turn the 2D fabric pieces into a 3D garment.

Recently, I find myself reading many books and websites related to sewing, I find myself shopping in fabric stores frequently. I think I am a little addicted….

I think, this time is different. I think, I will continue to learn sewing. Let’s hope I will not give up halfway. Finger crossed !

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