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by shirls on August 8, 2007 · 0 comments in 自助游记和提示,芝麻小事

(Dear English readers, please scroll down to find the click for English translation ) 最近飞得频密。每到一个城市,与朋友见面喝茶时,朋友都会问以下三个问题 :

  1. 你这次从哪里来?
  2. 你将去哪里?
  3. 你这次来此是为什么?


  1. 加拿大,马来西亚或澳洲
  2. 如上
  3. 见家人,见男友,工作,为学业或转机

我飞得有点累了。开始期望比较有规律的生活。I have been flying quite frequently recently.When I catch up with my friends in different cities, they always throw me with the following three questions :

  1. Where did you come from this time?
  2. Where are you going next ?
  3. Why are you here this time?

My answers are normally as followed :

  1. Canada, Malaysia or Australia
  2. as above
  3. to see my family, to see my boyfriend, to work, for my studies or stopover

I am a little bit tired now.I start to desire for a more routine lifestyle.

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