Jazz on Saturday

by shirls on May 27, 2007 · 7 comments in 处处为家,澳大利亚墨尔本生活,药剂见闻

老板下星期一渡假回来, 我的上班生活也即将结束。(也希望我会有多些时间写部落啦:)


所以,没了重重的工作负担,昨天上班时, 我的心情特别好。

从下星期开始, 我就将会专注于完成学业。




因为,我非常喜欢的星期六节目正在播放 – Jazz on Saturday





店铺内的职员还喜欢。一位说,她感觉就像在一家昏暗的爵士bar内喝喝红酒, 听听音乐。

当然,我们仍很认真工作 (我老板有时也会看看我的部落 :p )

可那爵士音乐倒令我” 前所未有”地“享受” 我的工作。

原来,音乐的魔力真的很大 !

或许,你也该试一试。如果工作允许的话,听一听你喜欢的音乐,你也可能会爱上你的工作 :)

My boss is coming back from holiday next Monday.

This means my full time working life is going to finish next week. The 60 hours work per week, at least two hours drive each day, and the heavy responsibility of looking after my boss’ shop while he is away have exhausted me. I hope I will have more time to write blog too 🙂

Yesterday was my last shift of full time work. Starting next week, I only need to work one day per week. For the rest of the week, I will focus on completing my clinical hours in student clinic, and preparing for my upcoming exams.

Feeling relieved at my last shift on Saturday, I turned off the pop songs radio station we normally listen to in the pharmacy. Instead, I changed the station to PBS FM radio station – one of my favourite radio stations. One of my favaorite programs – Jazz on Saturday, was on the show and the atmosphere in the pharmacy changed immediately.

I guess some customers might feel awkward. Possibly some of them might think that they had entered into jazz bar instead of pharmacy ! 😉

Getting rid of the pop songs that can cause headache in me, replacing with the sophisticated jazz music, I ‘suddenly fell in love’ with my job as a pharmacist ! One of the shop assistant said she felt like she was in a jazz bar, drinking her red wine and enjoying the jazz music. Of course, despite the good atmosphere, we still worked very hard and very seriously ! ( My boss sometimes visit my blog too 😉

Maybe, you should give a try too. If music is permitted at work, please try to listen to your favourite music. Some good musics may relieve all your frustrations and help you to enjoy your work ;)

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