Going home or leaving home Series 离家.回家 :(2)The doco 短片

by shirls on March 25, 2007 · 2 comments in 矮子看戏,随便拍拍

提了那么多次,我和几个朋友搞的短片终于上网了!虽然只是片前的两分钟, 希望在此分享。有关片中的介绍人物,请点击这里

在此,要特别谢谢我的老拍档Fred(短片的监制), 放假从香港回墨尔本短短几天,还要帮我找英文字幕版和解决技术上的问题。谢谢!

Finally, the short documentary that I have mentioned so many times is live online ! Below is the two minutes of the beginning of the doco my friends and I made. Although short, hope to share with you all here. I shall start to introduce the characters in this doco in my next post.

I want to specially thank Fred (producer of this doco), during his short holiday in Melbourne still had to help me to find the English titled version and solve some technical problems. Thanks !

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