Snowy Winter

my first day



On 28th Dec 2006, it was my first day with snow on the ground. I woke up and saw everything was white. It was the first snowfall in Toronto this winter. Excited, I took this photo in front of Ed’s parents’ house.

I learnt something new too – Toronto drivers must keep an ice scraper in their cars to sweep the snow off the car’s window before they can go.



为了市民的安全及交通的顺畅,每天清晨,多伦多的市政府会派有个大铲子的卡车, 去清理主要街道的雪。可是,小街就没这个福份。人们要非常小心。滑倒及车祸容易发生。

A couples of weeks later, the snow is already no longer excites me as much, although it is still very pretty. And cold.

When the streets are covered, the city council will send trucks with a shovel in front to to clean most of the streets so the cars can get through without getting stuck. On a small residential street like this, we have to drive and walk very carefully. It can be extremely icy and slippery, for people and cars.





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