Colourful Winter

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昨天天气还好。有阳光。因气温还是零下,所以雪没溶。阳光照在雪上会很美丽。心血来潮下,跑去了The Beach

The Beach 是多伦多东西部较小的镇。离市中心约半小时的公共巴士车程。靠海岸,有个漂亮的沙滩。所以,名为The Beach。听说,主街里的一些商店蛮有意思。算是旅游胜地。夏天会人山人海。

我还没去过,因为听说冬天会很冷清。还以为今天的好天气会有些不同, 可是正如大家说的。我有些失望,也想念墨尔本的沙滩。



The weather was pretty mild with lovely sunshine two days ago. It seemed to me was a good day to visit The Beach.

The Beach is a smaller town located at the East West of Toronto. It is about half an hour bus ride from the Downtown. It has a beautiful beach, hence its name. There are some funky stores at the main street. It attracts lots of tourists and can be very busy during summer time.

I have not been there since I came because of nothing interesting in this cold winter. I thought the sun would bring more people there but I was wrong. It was quite quiet, even depressing there.

Walking to the bus stop to return home, whilst feeling disappointed and missing the beautiful beaches in Melbourne, I saw a group of children wearing colourful winter jackets walking across the whitish snow covered park with their teachers. This is a scene that I would never seen in Melbourne.

Winter is colourful in Toronto. I went home happily.

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